The Platform

Sophisticated Self-learning system for best ROI through media and creative optimization and user targeting

Probabilistic identification of users within and across multiple devices without relying on cookies

Fully featured rich media ad serving, behavioral targeting, conversion tracking and attribution capabilities

Complete transparency with a non-arbitrage fee based model

Our Solution

Programmatic buying across Facebook and exchanges

Comprehensive tracking and attribution - Deep Forest or 3rd party

Exploration and expansion into exchanges, networks and publishers

Hyper local targeting

Visibility into 1 Billion devices - ability to cross device target

Retargeting and remarketing

Contextual and behavioral segments for brand advertisers

Creative testing for app store optimization

Data Science

Allocate budget across exchanges, ad networks, publishers direct and Facebook

Optimize across multiple types of placements - banner, video, rich media, native and incentivized

Adaptively slice inventory to discover fine grained pockets of performance within and across supply sources

Tie life time values (LTV) of acquired users to supply sources